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Ipswich June 2015
‘After having a major operation five years ago for cancer in the womb, I found it hard to impossible to NOT have cystitis nearly all the time and thus having to continually take antibiotics. I fast had no more reaction to them, and was left with only one that I could take. So I went ahead on my own and found this treatment, which I then showed the doctor at the hospital, which he looked up on the computer. He looked at me and stated "Take it". It is a little expensive for me as I am only a pensioner. But it works. No more antibiotics!’
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Nutritionist at The Food Doctor
Harley St. London
' I personally found Cysticlean quite effective and gave a packet to my sister who has had recurrent UTIs. She has continued to take them and seems to so far be in the clear. A couple of clients of mine have also been taking them too. We are converts'
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Ashleigh Tobin
Natural Health Solutions Ireland
'As the owner of a busy natural health clinic, I have gotten great results using Cysticlean for those clients with recurrent urinary tract problems such as cystitis or chronic infections. I'm delighted with the results and happy to recommend it as a really effective, natural solution to the pain and misery of chronic cystitis.'
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Anna Pugh
Bedford Nutritionist
'I have used Cysticlean successfully with a client who has struggled with continued antibiotics for recurring UTIs including klebsiella bacteria. Symptoms began clearing after 3 days and there were no symptoms after 10 days. It is important to keep using the product for the recommended 3 months.'
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Jackie Alexander
'My mother (age 92) was on antibiotics permanently for UTIs but still had flare ups every three weeks until we found Cysticlean. The difference Cysticlean has made has been remarkable and life is so much better without the antibiotics.'
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Pamela Boutcher. Cornwall
February 2014
'I have used Cysticlean with great success since developing chronic bladder issues with my fibromyalgia.'
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Jackie Reader BSc, DipBCNH
Member of FNTP and RICTAT
Snr Assoc Royal College of Medicine
'I have a male client who has been suffering with a urinary tract infection for some months and who had already had several lots of antibiotics, which helped but the problem returned a few weeks later after each course of antibiotics. As a naturopath, I am keen to find a more natural route if possible so suggested he try a three month course of Cysticlean as I had read their research and he didn’t really have anything to lose. He is now on his third month of Cysticlean and has no infections since starting them and I am now happy to recommend them to any clients with urinary tract problems or cystitis.'
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Dr. Albert Rousaud, a well-respected Urologist at the Technology Medical Institute in Barcelona
'Antibiotics are often needed for chronic urinary health issues. However, to promote long-term urinary health, I also recommend Cysticlean 118mg PAC to help reduce the repeated incidence of this debilitating condition. This has produced excellent results – the recurrence has decreased dramatically and patients are very satisfied.'
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Marj Rees, Age 72
I had such terrific results with Cysticlean. Previously I had several bouts of cystitis and over a couple of years I had E-Coli three times and had to have antibiotics that I am not very keen to keep taking.
Following the three month course I have had no problems at all and I have recommended them to friends and family.
Thank you once again for a great product- every woman should know about Cysticlean.
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Olga, Age 35
Olga was 35 when she first started to suffer from re-current UTI infections. Initially she was treated with antibiotics for the infection caused by E.coli bacteria. The symptoms were typical of bad cystitis with burning sensation when passing urine, low back and tummy pain and feeling unwell. After antibiotic treatment Olga got better but developed thrush. 2 months later symptoms of cystitis returned. This cycle continued for around six months. In addition, Candida albicans (yeast- like fungus responsible for causing thrush) was also detected in her urine. Olga was told to try drinking cranberry juice to help with cystitis but this was of limited benefit. With her doctor's permission Olga decided to try something stronger.
In addition to a few dietary recommendations Olga started taking Cysticlean and her health gradually improved. She has been cystitis free since taking Cysticlean four months ago.
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Diana, Age 40 (Cystitis Free for 8 years)
Nutritional Therapist (Dip.NT). Milton Keynes.
‘When I say I’ve tried everything to cure my recurring cystitis, I mean everything. Not surprising, considering I’ve suffered from it for two decades. In November 2011,I discovered Cysticlean. I started taking a tablet every day and it worked. Months rolled by and I could feel my fear rise as I waited for the familiar pain to set in.
But it never did.
I’ve taken Cysticlean ever since and have been cystitis-free for eight months.'
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Sheila S. on her patient Mr. S, Age 63
Nutritional Therapist (Dip.NT)
'I just wanted to tell you about a client (Mr. S, age 63) who experienced his first ever UTI last weekend and was suffering excruciating pain as well as some bleeding. I recommended he take 2 Cysticlean immediately (this was at 2.30pm) and within 2 hours his pain had reduced, and by mid-evening had disappeared. He’s been taking 1 at night since then and has no symptoms at all.
It clearly works for acute infections – Mr. S didn’t need antibiotics, and took 1 each night for only a 4 days after the episode (very forgetful) – and has had no problems since. I will always keep a pack of Cysticlean in the bathroom cabinet.' *See disclaimer
Patricia Baderman, Age 50 (Cystitis Free for 9 years) Verwood. Dorset
'Last August 2010 I woke up one night in absolute agony, I knew the signs, that bad pain in the bladder when you think you have resisted going to the loo. It was agony passing urine, like glass and then blood- I was up all night in agony. It was an infection, and I was given a strong antibiotic by my doctor, but 4 days later I was still unwell and tests showed I was on the wrong antibiotics. I was put on a week's supply of another.
But a week after I finished these, I had to rush to a local hospital to see a doctor as I was no better. I still had an infection and was given yet another antibiotic. This cleared up the infection but my bladder was not the same, bruised and now highly sensitive. I tried cranberry which irritated it more. Tried all sorts till I saw your advert for Cysticlean. I was very down over the whole situation and thought what have I got to loose.
After just 2 Months I have noticed a VAST improvement...and I will continue to take it as long as I can. I have suffered bladder infections, on and off for as long as I can remember but Cysticlean has been wonderful and has helped me no end.'
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Linda W.
Clitheroe. Lancashire
'I always thought cystitis was a younger woman's problem, so was really disappointed when I started suffering regular bouts after the menopause.
I've ended up having about 3 courses of antibiotics a year for the problem over the last 2 years. This was something I thought I'd left behind in my twenties.
What a blessing Cysticlean is, I've had no recurrence at all while I've been taking it over three months, and seem to be okay at the moment, but am thinking it might be a good idea to take it continuously. I notice on the Cysticlean website that there are testimonials from other mature ladies, which is pleasing, because I think it's always seen as a younger woman's problem. The change in hormones or lack of them beyond menopause is just as much a problem, as it is in early years. Please feel free to use my testimonial if it's useful, and thanks so much for the trial, it is without doubt a much better alternative to taking course after course of antibiotics... prevention is definitely better than the cure.'
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Sarah Gardiner, Age 32
I had my first severe case of cystitis when i was pregnant with my first child 5 years ago, after having my second child 18 months later i was suffering from an infection every couple of months. After visiting my GP i was prescribed antibiotics which cleared it up, only for it to come back again a few weeks later.I have tried most things that people reccommend, such as cysitis relief, cranberry juice, cotton underwear , unperfumed washes,and even avoiding intercourse but nothing has worked. I have taken cysticlean for 3 months now and have been extremely happy with the results and have suffered no symptoms during this time. I would highly recommend this product to others. *See disclaimer
Marie, Age 24
'I have now been taking Cysticlean for over 12 months and have been so much better. If, occasionally, I get the feeling that my waterworks aren't quite right, it's usually only a temporary "blip" for a day or two and then all is well. On those occasions I take an extra tablet and this seems to do the trick. I have not experienced a recurrence of the normal unpleasant Cystitis symptoms.'
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TSB, Age 65
'I had cystitis for 25 years. It all started when I had kidney stones removed in 1985. Since then I've been suffering permanently. I've taken so many antibiotics and each time I stopped, the infection returned. It was hell. I started Cysticlean in October 2007 and haven't had any problems since. It was so bad all those years that I've decided to take Cysticlean all the time now. It's transformed my life.'
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ISS, Age 47 (Cystitis Free for 12 years)
'In 2003 I had an operation for kidney stones. Just after that I had my first bout of cystitis. I needed antibiotics 2 or 3 times every year for new infections. It was awful. In April 2007 I tried Cysticlean and it's amazing. I take it for 3 months each year, just to be sure. I haven't had an infection since. Thank you!'
Hannah- a trustee of COB
(cystitis and overactive bladder foundation)
As a recurrent bacterial cystitis sufferer for the last decade, I have spent countless hours and even more of my hard-earned cash chasing the elusive herbal solution to the problem. Fed up of hours in the doctors surgery and the unwanted effects of regular courses of antibiotics, I tried everything from chamomile tea to regular cranberry supplements, from bearberry to marshmallow root. I had come to accept that the medical route was the only successful one in beating each infection, however each course of antibiotics hit my immune system and made my bladder more vulnerable to further infection.
After a cystoscopy and urethral stretch in June 2010, I was found to have mild interstitial cystitis with glomerations on the bladder as well as a history of confirmed bacterial cystitis. After leaving the hospital I was given a three month course of antibiotics to help prevent infection after the operation; I was considered at high risk of bacterial infection thanks to the operation and it was also hoped that three months clear of all infection would leave my bladder better able to heal the damage it had already suffered. Like my urologist, I hoped my IC was in fact damage from constant bacterial infection that could yet be repaired.
The side effects of this course were so significant that, once it was over, I was determined never to suffer another infection again. I had heard about Cysticlean through the COB Foundation discussion boards, and decided to try it. At first I took it occasionally, but did not commit to the full course. However, at that time I was not intimate with my partner, due to all the trauma of my bladder problems. When I heard that the COB Foundation was working with Cysticlean to test the product I decided to have a second go. For the first three months I took it every night, as advised, before bed. Within weeks my frequency dropped and I now only need to use the toilet a little more regularly than I used to before my nightmare of constant infection began.
I have not had a confirmed infection in more than a year, and since using Cysticlean I have become more confident in my personal life and am intimate on a regular basis again. I've got my life back! Now the first three months of the trial is over I simply take one a night for the first few evenings after intimacy. So far, so good!
There are some drawbacks for me: the on-going cost to purchase the product, and because I have mild IC as well as BC, I do have a slight increase in burning on urination in the morning because cranberry is acidic. However, for me, this is more than offset by the confidence I now feel in managing my bladder health, and in reduced frequency. My job as a newspaper journalist requires me to travel regularly, and it is such a relief to not have to stop every hour for the bathroom.
This product may not be right for everyone, however it is far less irritating to me and my bladder than the cranberry products I have tried in the past from regular health food shops. I believe that, in stopping the cycle of recurrent infection which caused my IC, it is also giving my bladder the time it needs to heal. Let there be no mistake - my bladder is not 'normal' and probably never will be. But my condition is so much easier to manage than before I took Cysticlean. *See disclaimer
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Emma, Age 24
Rendlesham. Woodbridge
'I would be glad to do the testimonial, having found Cysticlean to be particularly beneficial! One case in point, when I had a really nasty bout of infection (or so the GP thought, where in fact it was inflammation) and out of all the herbs and potions to come from the store, the only thing that truly worked was the Cysticlean. I picked up a book on alternative health, bought and tried all the remedies such as royal jelly tincture and uva ursi. While they did relieve the symptoms, they did little to settle the pain and discomfort after about an hour of taking generous doses and plenty of water.
It appears that I do in fact have what they call a 'kidney reflux' on the right side, meaning that some urine is occasionally passed back up into the kidneys rather than out through the Urethra, thereby making the UTIs more common.
The way in which Cysticlean worked for me was, I remember I was in the midst of probably one of the most painful bouts. Out of desperation, I grabbed 2 or 3 tablets and swallowed them whole (I don't know if I was mad or desperate, or both) to curb the agony as the antibiotics weren't cutting the pain quickly enough and I knew I could not last 5 days of antibiotics before I had some pain relief!
The pain relief I felt at that moment was incredibly welcome, and I remember for the first time in 2 days not being conscious of the pain around my water passage. With this, I was happy to let the antibiotics do the work of clearing the infection itself, but coming from someone who knows about UTI pain and discomfort, this stuff really works!'
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TST, Age 34
'I had a thing called Cystocele. It's where your bladder sort of drops and crunches against your urethra. It meant I couldn't wee easily and it got infected. Even after my op I couldn't get rid of the cystitis. I had it 4 or 5 times a year and was dosed up on antibiotics. In November 2009 I tried Cysticlean and have been free of infection and pain since. I still take it as I wouldn't want to go back there again.'
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