1. I frequently have Cystitis, can I take Cysticlean®?
You can take Cysticlean. In fact, Cysticlean is right for people like you. The PAC in Cysticlean will help decrease the adherence of bacteria to the bladder wall to help them get washed out from the bladder.
2. My doctor often gives me antibiotics to treat my bladder infections; can I take Cysticlean® with antibiotics?
Yes. The PAC in Cysticlean will help decrease the adherence of bacteria to the bladder wall, so the antibiotics can work more easily. There is no known interaction between any antibiotic and Cysticlean.
3. How long shall I take Cysticlean®? Do I have to take Cysticlean forever?
The current recommendation is three to six months. There is no harm in taking this for longer, if you wish to or if you have recurrent issues. No side effects have been reported for prolonged usage of Cysticlean. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose and follow the pack instructions of a break of between 3 and 5 days. If symptoms persist consult your doctor.
4. Is it safe to take Cysticlean® continuously?
The Cranberries are a source of nutrients like any other food consumed in a normal diet. Its components do not accumulate in your body, so it can be taken continuously according to the pack instructions. Do not exceed the stated dose.
If symptoms persist, consult your doctor
5. I have not seen a doctor yet but I often have pain on emptying my bladder and I often have to go to the toilet. Can I take Cysticlean®?
Yes, you can. However, I recommend that you see a doctor to confirm what is causing your problem.
6. I have been diagnosed with Interstitial cystitis-can Cysticlean help?
Cysticlean is proven to work for people with recurrent cystitis caused by bacterial infection. Some IC sufferers who do have bacterial infections have been known to benefit –but our studies are with bacterial cystitis sufferers. Your doctor should always be consulted.
7. I am taking quite a handful of medicines. Can I take Cysticlean®?
There has not been any report on interactions of Cysticlean with any medication but you should always check with your Doctor if you are on medication. There has been some concern about interaction of very large amount of Cranberry juice with anti-clotting medication. So if you are taking anti-clotting medicine, please consult your doctor first.
8. I have taken Cysticlean for 2 months. It works very well with me and I have not suffered from any urinary health problems recently. I want to change to a cheaper brand of cranberry extract but I am a bit afraid. Why is your product so much more expensive than other cranberry products?
I understand your concern. Unlike other "similar" products on the market, it has a concentration of Type A PAC- proanthcyanidins-240 mg per capsule. This active ingredient is extracted from a large amount of cranberries so it is not simple cranberry juice or simple cranberry capsules. That is why it is so good. Please stay on it for one more month.
9. What is the difference between cranberry juice and Cysticlean? I do not want to take so many capsules.
Cysticlean is an extract but cranberry juice is not. You will have to drink a lot of cranberry juice to replace one capsule of Cysticlean. Also there is more sugar in the juice which is not only fattening but also may make it less effective.
10. Is it safe to take Cysticlean® whilst pregnant?
There are a lot of scientific/technical publications proving that cranberry extracts are safe and effective in preventing urinary tract infections during pregnancy. Unless there is a known or unknown/unexpected allergy against cranberry, there is not expected to be any adverse reactions/side effect from taking Cysticlean during pregnancy. However we always advise you to consult your doctor.
11. I have trouble with swallowing capsules. Is there any other way of taking Cysticlean®?
Cysticlean capsules make be broken and the powder mixed with any fruit juice, yoghurt and water. The safety and efficacy of the powder will be the same.
12. Where can find further help or advice?
Always remember to consult your doctor about any health concerns.If you have any further queries about Cysticlean we will be delighted to hear from you. Email us on infoeurope@cysticlean.co.uk